I had just finished saying “I can’t believe she never falls in!”
Glob bless you.
This was a complete accident
Masked thief steals bag off the beach in Costa Rica
The fall and the reaction of his friend.
Mountain selfie. Photo bombed by a bumblebee!
My mother caught my brother trying to love a frog
Her first attempt at rope jumping didn’t end well
Sea lion gets caught in a humpback whale's mouth as they both try to feed on a school of anchovies
Immediately after a perfectly placed strike
So much for my nice hawk photo!
Was taking pictures to identify these flowers when this little beauty flew in!
My family's attempt at stacking people 4 high in the pool.
Wanted to take a photo of lilac, but then..
ooh look a penny
Always check your pockets before climbing poles
Cheeky monkey
Exploding Jack-o'-lantern
Sticking it's beak in where it's not wanted
During a company kickball game one of my coworkers fell over and then this happened.
A bee photo-bombing my flower shot
Caught this plane just when it was passing through the rainbow! ✈️🌈
This photo i took of a bumblebee flying off my finger :)
Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up.
The moment my son tripped and nearly landed face first on a hard plastic alligator.
A picture my mom caught of me wiping out as a kid
Circa 2013 my first time white water rafting, I was assured by the raft instructor “you fell out at a great camera spot”, was not disappointed
A beautiful bird caught doing its business
Catchin' a boot!
Still my favorite picture of me and my brother, my grandpa caught the moment before my tears perfectly
Caught s picture of a hawk mid shit
Slippery little fella
Was trying to document a crappy roofing job. Not sure who was more surprised.
Steller’s Jay having a snack.
Guys, I'm not feeling so great
I took picture of this kid getting hit in the face by a coin during a Baptism Party a few years ago.
Perfectly timed bite
Seagull eating a sandwich
🔥 Kingfisher Diving into pond 🔥
Just another wedding in russia