Tooth Whitening Kits

Nowadays home tooth whitening is a prevalent practice as more and more tooth bleaching products become available over-the-counter. The idea of self-improvement has been a big sell in today's society that puts a premium on good looks and pleasant appearances. Indeed, it is practically de rigueur to cultivate and improve one's image if one is to pursue success in life.

Modern civilization demands cultured appearances and with the advent of self-grooming systems, including at-home teeth whitening procedures, we are now able to fashion and make ourselves presentable in the comfort and flexibility of our own homes.

But just how does home tooth whitening work? Do the results resemble professional tooth whitening? What is the best tooth bleaching system available?

Let's examine how home tooth whitening works and the advantages of choosing to do your own tooth whitening.

At-Home Tooth Whitening - Gels, Strips, and Trays
There are a number of tooth whitening methods available. A popular home tooth whitening product is tooth whitening gel. The gel is usually applied directly on the teeth at night so it works as you sleep. Basically, you have to first brush your teeth (to remove buildup on your dentures) and then dry them (so the gel clings to the teeth properly) before putting the gel on. It is recommended that you allow half a minute to let the gel stick to your teeth. Typically, a treatment runs for about two weeks.

Another home tooth whitening method is using teeth whitening strips. Some people claim that strips are the best way to bleach and whiten your teeth. However, this is not true. Strips are uniformly manufactured and results greatly vary between users. People with teeth that fit the strips size are more likely to experience good results - but what about people whose teeth cannot be properly accommodated?

Also, strips are often unreliable in contacting all of the teeth resulting in 'striping' or striped teeth because some areas are whiter than others. This home tooth bleaching method may work in a technical sense but it fails in practical ways. The last thing you want when leading a team of co-workers in a team building seminar - or any situation for that matter - is a set of striped teeth.

Perhaps the most effective home teeth whitening kit is to use a tooth whitening tray and gel. The best trays are the ones manufactured to fit your unique teeth structure so that they cover your teeth snugly and perform to maximum effect. What you do is take your home teeth whitening trays, fill them with the recommended amount of tooth whitening gel, and then fit them over your top and lower sets of teeth. The carbamide peroxide agents in the gel are most effective as they are able to reach all parts of your teeth - front, bottom, back, as well as in between. It's this kind of extensive bleaching that makes whitening trays the tooth whitening kit of choice among most people who opt for home dental whitening.

At-Home Tooth Whitening Safety Concerns
Using home tooth bleaching systems is usually quite safe and no concern for worry. You just have to bear in mind that you will not be supervised by a dentist; it's something you perform on yourself. The most responsible thing to do, of course, is read up on the product you are using and make note of the manufacturer's claims, the recommended amount of gel you should use, duration of treatment, and others.

If you fail to use your tooth bleaching kit in an appropriate manner, you run the risk of harming your teeth or damaging your mouth. Always read and follow instructions carefully when pursuing at-home teeth
whitening for safe and effective results.

At-Home Tooth Whitening Costs
Home tooth whitening kits vary in cost. You are looking at anywhere between $20 and $300 for some tooth whitening kits. Compare that to the cost of having it done professionally - prices range between $500 to $2000 - and you can see why more and more people are opting to pursue the whitening process at home.

At-Home Tooth Whitening Time Saving Benefits
Another benefit to home tooth whitening is the fact that you can save time by doing it yourself and during flexible hours. Whereas before, you had to make trips to the dentist and be subject to his or her schedule, now you can whiten your teeth at whatever hour you want.

A lot of people like to do it at night, which is a great way to save time. But because of the flexibility of most at-home teeth whitening products, you can apply the kits while working, playing, or relaxing with a book. You are free to pursue your daily tasks without subjecting yourself to a few hours of immobility because you want your teeth whitened.

Home teeth whitening systems are a boon to productivity and have helped revolutionize the self improvement trend when it comes to dental care. The cost effectiveness, time saving benefits, as well as the actual whitening potency of today's over-the counter tooth whitening products make at-home teeth whitening a highly recommended pursuit.